Meet the Farm Staff

Ancil Clancy - Farm Manager

Ancil Clancy has been a member of the O’o farm team for 10 years as of 2018. Though the farm has been in existence for 17 years, Ancil has been involved in many integral advancements and achievements Of O’o Farm thus far. This young farmer is goal oriented with a lineage in farming, and an agricultural-based education which fuels his infectious inspiration for natural farming.
Ancil is driven by the goal of being part of a positive change. He is a farmer not only by career but by lifestyle as a whole. As the general manager of O’o farm it is his mission to provide a platform for success, and ongoing education.

   He was raised on a cattle ranch and farm in the central coast of California. His spare time was spent working on neighbor’s farms and orchards. Since his first full-time job he has worked in the green industry. With 19 years of professional experience Ancil also pulls from a lineage with four generations of farmers and Gardner’s. 

   His education is a mixture of hands-on and schooling. Ancil set an accelerated pace while in school. He graduated with an AS degree from the agricultural department of Bakersfield College at the age of 17. He has participated in internships. He has also achieved additional certifications such as completion of the seven habits of highly effective people for managers, ISA internationally certified arborist, and CQI certified Q grader (coffee quality judge). This coupled with a lifetime of observation and experimentation surely defines a future of continued learning.

   His inspiration is never ending as it is fueled by the raw and continual beauty of Mother Nature. As a part of the farm organism we are continually reminded that everything is a part of the bigger whole. Our valued customers perform an integral role inspiring this farmer. Guests visit the farm and consume the products grown here. Their smiling faces are an inspiration worth the world.