Here at O’o farm our CSA boxes represent our seasons and the wide breadth of crops (135) that we produce. Traditionally we grow for chefs and some of the world’s best farm to table meals. In order to fill a plate or an entire chef’s pantry from one farm we must be highly diversified.

 O’o farm produces naturally grown leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, fruiting body plants, orchard fruits, savory herbs, and a wide array of edible flowers. Additionally it also grows and creates herbal teas and coffee that consistently places in the top 10% of the entire planet!
  Here are some things to expect this week from the fields (note, all items on this list will be harvested this week however not all items will make it into every CSA box):

 If you follow the link to our blog, you will be able to read about the health benefits of these items as well as ideas on how to use it in your own cooking as well! Below we also have links to each individual blog post about the item. This list will continue to grow with more and more information so check back for updates!


  • lettuce
  • sorrel
  • mixed salad greens (arugala)
  • purple and green mizuna
  • shungiku
  • ruby streak mustard greens
  • spinach


  • Baby radish (daikon and watermelon)
  • beets
  • green onions
  • Maui Onion
  • artichoke
  • tomato
  • zucchini
  • broccolini
  • cauliflower
  • carrots
  • chayote squash


  • bay leaf
  • chives
  • cilantro
  • lemongrass
  • rosemary
  • lemon balm