Shungiku: What is It?

5th Jun 2020

Although the name Shungiku may seem foreign to you, I can guarantee that you have most likely run into these leafy greens at some point in your life! They are used very commonly in Asian cooking and often go by the name 'edible chysathamum" They have been used for hundred of years in not only traditional cooking, but also traditional Chinese medicine. It is rich in chlorogenic acid, carotene, flavonoids, vitaminds, and potassium. This can aid in a multitiude of different things such as: boosting your immune system, improving vision, relaxing nerves, promoting heart health, aiding in metabolism, and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Recipe Ideas:

1. Salads: Main use for shungiku would be to add to your mixed greens in a salad! We had these as apart of the salad greens that we would serve up at the farm during tours as well as down at our restaurant in Lahaina. 

2. Rice: There is a special type of Japanese rice you can make that is simple, quick, and only uses 5 ingredients! All of these items I have been able to find in local grocery stores (Island Grocery has very wide selection of Asian cooking ingredients. If you follow this link here you will learn to make Shungiku Mazegohan Japanese Mixed Rice!