Salt Cravings Explained....and a Solution!

Salt Cravings Explained....and a Solution!

Posted by Monica Lodato on 16th Sep 2018

The Problem...

Salt is one of the most common cravings that many people struggle with. Too much sodium intake is not very healthy, but there are about 80 different minerals in salt that are actually essential to our overall health. However, the normal iodized salt (AKA table salt) that we see in restaurants and most kitchens, has actually been stripped of nearly all trace minerals. So when we consume the table salt, our body starts asking for more because it did not receive enough of those essential minerals it was expecting to receive from the salt. And thus the vicious cycle begins...

The Solution!

There is a way to help curb your salt cravings, and the answer is...salt! You can curb your salt cravings by simply changing the type of salt that you are consuming to pure, unrefined sea salt, and your cravings should start to curb after about a few weeks. The state of Hawaii is famous for their 

The name "Hawaiian Sea Salt" indicates both style of salt as well as location where the salt is made. Besides the taste, which contains a vast amount of minerals and richer flavors, our salt also has very unique colors. The pink, red, and brown-ish colors come from the native red alaea volcanic clay. Natives view this clay as sacred, and in the past this product was used for cleansing/healing practices, ritual blessings, medicine, and preserving fish.