Learn about White Sapote!

21st Jul 2020

The White Sapote is a fruit that may be new to some of you, so I figured it would be the perfect blog posting for this week since they are starting to pop up in our Harvest Boxes! These fruits can grow successfully wherever citrus is grown. While it would not do well in the lowland parts of Hawaii, our Upcountry Kula location provides the perfect conditions to grow these.

HISTORY: The sapote is native to the central area of Mexico. They grow on fairly large evergreen trees and often used to plant as shade for coffee trees down in Central America!

NUTRTION: This fruit provides an excellent source of Potassium, Vitamin C, Iron, and Dietary Fiber as well as a good soruce of Vitamin A.


1. As Is: There is really only one way to enjoy the sapote, and that is just to eat it as is, no special preparations needed! The most common way it is eaten is just but cutting a slide right off the fruit and taking a bite! We recommend you leave the fruit out on your counter for a couple of days to allow it to soften. Then enjoy :) The flavor is very similar to that of a custardy fruit with hints of pear, peach, and lemon

2. Smoothie: If you take a peeled and de-seeded sapote and add it into your smoothie, it will be perfect for a light creaminess in texture!