Everything about Sorrel!

22nd May 2020

A few of you may have seen these leafy greens in your boxes and wondered "what is that?" Well we are happy to introduce one of our most unique and favorite leafy greens, sorrel!

HISTORY: Sorrel was most commonly found over in Europe. France is one of the many countries that enjoys to use it's unique tangy flavor in many different dishes. Historians have found mentions of sorrel from as far back as Anicent Egyptian times, as they used it for medicinal purposes which I will talk about next!

NUTRITION: You will find a lot of Vitamin A in sorrel, which benefits many functions of the body such as vision, skin, immune function, growth, 


1. Pesto: If you would like to add an acidic twist to your pesto, throw in some sorrel with it as well. My favorite way to use pesto sorrel is to stuff it under the skin of a chicken breast and bake it off. Sorrel pairs very well with chicken!

2. Sorrel Cream Sauce: The french often use sorrel in a lovely cream sauce that you can pour over chicken as well. I personally like this recipe from Honest Foods. This recipe only uses five ingredients and is very easy to prepare! This has been quite the hit at dinner parties if you want to make something easy but also unique.

3. Salads: This tip comes straight from our owner, Louis! He enjoys taking raw sorrel and putting it straight into his salad to add a little zing to the meal!