Learn about White Sapote!

21st Jul 2020

The White Sapote is a fruit that may be new to some of you, so I figured it would be the perfect blog posting for this week since they are starting to pop up in our Harvest Boxes! These fruits can gro … read more

What's a Chayote?

Posted by Monica Lodato on 9th Jun 2020

Some of you may have seen in your box something that looks like a very bumpy pear! This is in fact a Chayote Squash! It also goes by names such as the vegetable pear or the mango squash! In terms of f … read more

Shungiku: What is It?

5th Jun 2020

Although the name Shungiku may seem foreign to you, I can guarantee that you have most likely run into these leafy greens at some point in your life! They are used very commonly in Asian cooking and o … read more

Flower Power: Pansies!

26th May 2020

Pansies are probably the most common and popular edible flower around the world because of the array of colors it can come in! They can range from yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, white … read more

Flower Power: Calendula!

22nd May 2020

Not only do we love growing fruits and vegetables up at the farm, but edible flowers are another passion of ours! These edible flowers are considered a triple threat as they can help keep away pests i … read more